Can you help set the record straight on gluten-free foods, grain-free diets, and the "wheat belly diet?" Are there legitimate and distinct health issues related to consumption of grains versus wheat versus gluten?

It is impossible for anyone to question the growing popularity of gluten-free foods in the U.S. marketplace during the period of time between 2010 and 2015. In fact, statistics from 2014 show that over 8 billion dollars' worth of gluten-free foods were sold in the U.S. supermarkets! Along with this gluten-free trend has come a wealth of debate about wheat as well as an greater popular interest in grain-free eating, wheat-free eating, and the "wheat belly diet." We have taken a close look at health research studies in this area, and we have created a short list of grain-related questions to provide you with quick access to practical information in this area. Just click on the questions below for up-to-date findings and WHFoods recommendations about these often misunderstood grain-related topics.


See the research articles we reviewed in the writing of these articles.

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