The World's Healthiest Foods

Second Edition

The book is magnificent! I have absolutely no idea how anyone could pull so much information and material together into one beautiful package. I spent very little time with it before my wife absconded with it; I know she loves it too! I will get it back at some point. Thanks again, and warm regards. - David

I LOVE your 2nd edition, have urged many family members & friends to order it. This 2nd edition was WELL WORTH the wait! - Carl

I want you to know your new book is absolutely amazing. I am so glad I found you!! - AN

Dear Friend,

I have great news — the long awaited Second Edition of The World's Healthiest Foods, with its wealth of valuable information on how to achieve optimal health, is now completed!

This spectacular second edition provides a wealth of health-promoting information right at your fingertips. You must see it! And it's all in one place — over 1,000 pages of comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date information invaluable to help you on your way to optimal health — and presented with the quality and aesthetics you have come to expect from the George Mateljan Foundation.

This second edition has been revised, updated, and expanded, reflecting what has emerged from the arena of healthy eating and cooking over the last seven years since the printing of my first book. The foods have also been put in alphabetical order for easier use. I believe the newly created Smart Menu, 300 recipes, and Nutrient-Rich Cooking, along with extensively updated information derived from review of over 10,000 new scientific studies, to be just some of the new benefits of the second edition that will help you on your way to achieve optimal health.

8 New Additions to Help Achieve Optimal Health

New Smart Menu

Once it was doubted that you could get all of the vitamins and minerals you need from food alone. The Smart Menu is proof that it can be done. And we went even further. Besides having 100% of the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals the Smart Menu also supplies the macronutrients including protein and fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. I spent many years developing the Smart Menu. It was designed to illustrate how you can combine the health-promoting World's Healthiest Foods with Nutrient-Rich Cooking.
  1. The Smart Menu is so powerful that it provides you with all the nutrition recommended for the entire day.
  2. The Smart Menu helps you achieve optimal health and gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are getting all of the recommended nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, fiber, omega-3 rich foods, and phytonutrients, which work together synergistically to help optimize health.
  3. The Smart Menu is a complete menu with everything provided for you:
  4. The Smart Menu's breakfast, lunch, dinner (and snacks) is an example of how to create meals that fulfill your nutritional needs, while satisfying your taste buds at the same time.
  5. The Smart Menu is the first menu of its kind, created to give you everything you need. It is a one-of-a-kind menu which will help you on your way to a slimmer, healthier, and more energetic you.
  6. Try the Smart Menu for just three days and I believe you will experience a noticable difference in how you feel.

Smart Menu Benefits

The Smart Menu was created especially as a way to support every aspect of your health. Below you will find a list of the health-promoting benefits, nutrients, and their recommended daily amounts provided by the Smart Menu.

The Smart Menu is revolutionary because, besides providing 100% or more (in some cases 2-3 times more) nutrition recommended for the entire day, it also provides a surprising number of health-promoting benefits including optimal cellular nutrition, strong circulation, detoxification, better sleep, youthful skin, and even a better body weight. I don't believe any menu contains as many health-promoting benefits as the Smart Menu. You must try it. Here is what the Smart Menu will do for you:

For muscles, hair, and skin it provides over 192% of the recommended daily requirement for protein, 96 g (DRI/DV is 50 g) to help maintain healthy muscles, hair, and skin.

For regularity it provides over 286% of the recommended daily requirement for fiber, 57g (DRI/DV is 25 g) to help support healthy digestion.

For energy production it provides carbohydrates 234 g (DRI/DV is 300 g) to promote healthy energy production. It is best not to overdo the carbs.

As a key in the methylation process it provides over 108% of the daily requirement for choline, 458 mg (DRI/DV is 425 mg) to promote cardiovascular health.

For vision it provides over 347% of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin A, 3122 RAE (DRI/DV is 900 RAE) to promote vision health.

For blood sugar balance it provides over 110% of the recommended daily requirement for biotin, 33 mcg (DRI/DV is 30 mcg) and 120% for chromium, 42 mcg (DRI/DV is 35 mcg) to promote healthy blood sugar levels.

For nervous system support it provides over 153% of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin B1 (thiamin) 1.8 mg (DRI/DV is 1.2 mg) to promote a healthy nervous system.

For iron metabolism it provides over 169% of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 2.2 mg (DRI/DV is 1.3 mg) to promote healthy iron metabolism.

For fat metabolism it provides over 120% of the recommended daily requirement for pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), 6 mg (DRI/DV is 5 mg) to aid in fat metabolism.

For red blood cells it provides over 200% of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin B6, 3.4 mg (DRI/DV is 1.7 mg) to aid in production of red blood cells.

For cardiovascular support it provides over 354% of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin B12, 8.5 mcg (DRI/DV is 2.4 mcg to promote heart health.

For brain and nervous system it provides over 250% of the recommended daily requirement for folate, 1103 mcg (DRI/DV is 400 mcg) to promote a healthy brain and nervous system.

For free radical protection it provides over 577% of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin C, 433 mg (DRI/DV is 75 mg), beta carotene, 33,516.33 mcg (no DRI/DV), and lycopene, 0.61 mcg (no DRI/DV) to help protect against free radical damage.

For bone health it provides over 161% of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin D, 644 IU (DRI/DV is 400 IU) and 110% for calcium, 1106 mg (DRI/DV is 1000 mg), to promote healthy bones.

For antioxidant protection it provides over 288% of the recommended daily requirement for copper, 2600 mcg (DRI/DV is 900 mcg) to provide protection against free radicals.

For thyroid hormones it provides over 562% of the recommended daily requirement for iodine, 844 mcg (DRI/DV 150 mcg) to promote thyroid hormone production.

For oxygen transport it provides 100% of the recommended daily requirement for iron, 18 mg (DRI/DV is 18 mg) to enhance oxygen transport.

For bone integrity it provides over 132% of the recommended daily requirement for magnesium, 527 mg (DRI/DV is 400 mg) to create and maintain bone integrity. To reduce inflammation it provides over 122% of the recommended daily requirement for molybdenum 55 mcg (DRI/DV is 45 mcg) and 132% omega-3 fatty acids, 3.3 g (DRI/DV is 2.5 g) to help protect against inflammation.

For pH balance it provides over 265% of the recommended daily requirement for phosphorus, 1855 mg (DRI/DV is 700 mg) to help maintain proper pH balance.

For blood pressure it provides over 151% of the recommended daily requirement for potassium, 5320 mg (DRI/DV is 3500 mg) to help maintain normal blood pressure.

For thyroid it provides over 175% of the recommended daily requirement for selenium, 96 (DRI/DV 55 mcg) to help support normal thyroid function.

For immunity it provides over 109% of the recommended daily requirement for zinc, 12 mg (DRI/DV is 11 mg) and 31,885.36 mcg of lutein & zeaxanthin (no DRI/DV) to promote healthy immune system.

For cholesterol levels it provides 38 g (no DRI/DV) of insoluble fiber to promote healthy cholesterol levels.

Note: The nutrient requirement standards set by the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences standards are called the Dietary Reference Intakes, or DRIs. Daily Value (DV) refers to a standard that is set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use on the Nutrition Facts Panel of a packaged food.

New Nutrient-Rich Cooking

How you cook your food can be as important as the foods you select to eat. Since traditional ways of cooking may result in a reduction of nutrients by 50-80% because of high cooking temperatures and long cooking times, I designed new Nutrient-Rich Cooking methods. These methods are designed to help preserve nutrients as well as make foods taste great.

A New Way to Cook Vegetables

Experts continue to tell us that making a variety of vegetables a large part of your daily meals is a way to help prevent virtually every chronic desease. That's why, in this second edition, I have placed special emphasis on cooking vegetables, not only to make them taste great but with the aim to preserve as many nutrients as possible using easy-to-prepare recipes, most of which take 5 minutes or less.

300 New Recipes

The challenge of healthy cooking has always been to make healthy food taste good. The 300 new recipes in this second edition were tested and re-tested using the Nutrient-Rich Cooking methods. The result is great tasting food that is also quick and easy to prepare.

17 New Chapters

You will enjoy 11 new World's Healthiest Foods' chapters, as well as six chapters on newly added herbs and spices.

Updated Food Chapters

Each chapter provides information about the best way to select, store, prepare, and cook each of the foods as well as sections on identifying the different types of each food, and updated nutritional charts. The chapters have been revised and expanded to reflect the findings from 10,000 published studies.

Updated Nutrient Chapters

Scientific studies continue to find that the best source of nutrients come from food. In this edition, I provide Readers with the most research-based, up-to-date, food-oriented look at nutrients. The focus of the 31 new nutrient chapters is on getting nutrients from food rather than from supplements.

Updates Recipes

All 500 recipes from the first edition have been tested and re-tested many times and perfected with changes in methods, cooking times, and cooking temperatures. Instructions include more detail to make my healthy cooking methods easier than ever to follow.

Achieving Optimal Health

If you are looking for ways to be optimally healthy go no further. I believe this second edition of The World's Healthiest Foods will give you everything you need:
  1. You'll discover why the health-promoting World's Healthiest Foods are among the best foods in the world to help optimize health because of their nutrient-richness and fantastic health-promoting benefits. The Harvard Medical School Special Health Report stated about nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods: For a list of nutrient-dense foods that you can incorporate into your meal plan, go to
  2. Smart Menu: a menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that is so rich in nutrients and delivers the daily recommended amounts of nutrients because it includes only The World's Healthiest Foods. If you are committed to eat for optimal health, the Smart Menu can help pave the way.
  3. Details on Nutrient-Rich Cooking, that helps preserve nutrients and great flavor.
  4. Personalized Way of Eating (page 45 in book).
With this book I want to help you take charge of your own health and become part of what I call the Healthcare Revolution by making choices that promote optimal health and making healthy eating and cooking simple. Nothing special is required. What may change will be the choices you make of what foods you select and how you prepare them. That includes selecting health-promoting, nutrient-rich foods and following the Smart Menu for three days by:

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WHFoods Book It has taken me seven years to complete this second edition. The second Edition of The World's Healthiest Foods is an expansion of the first Edition with more than 1,000 pages, 300 new recipes, thousands of updates, updated nutritional charts, an additional 180 pagess of valuable information — and still selling at the same retail price of $39.95 with Free Shipping plus two free gifts! I am confident when you see this great book it will change your life; I believe it is the best book to help you achieve optimal health.

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Order your Copy and Get These 2 Amazing E-books Free

By ordering your copy of the second edition of The World's Healthiest Foods book, you will get 2 Free E-books as Gifts:

Weight Loss Success — Without Dieting, a guide to losing weight with The World's Healthiest Foods. It is a 250-page ebook which can help you and all your loved ones lose weight without counting calories or dieting. You will find testimonials from Readers who have found this to be an easy, successful way to lose weight.

Weight Loss Success

300 Secrets, What You Should Know about the Healthiest Way of Eating, contains 490 pages of practical information in easy-to-read question and answer format. Published in 2009 it is still in its original pdf format. I think you will love this book. The pdf of 300 Secrets will be e-mailed to you as soon as your order is placed so you can start reading about healthy eating and cooking immediately.

300 Secrets

These additional gifts will further help prepare you towards a healthier way of eating and cooking.

Update your knowledge — learn more about what you need for optimal health with the health-saving information that is in these books.

100% guarantee Unconditional 30 day guarantee — risk free

And with my 30-day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose and a wealth of knowledge to gain. If for any reason you don't find this book to be everything you expected, you will get all of your money back, no questions asked.

Whfoods Book

I believe the World's Healthiest Foods 2nd Edition is the best book available anywhere to help achieve optimal health.

If you own the first edition of the The World's Healthiest Foods book, you may be asking why you would need the second edition. Here are 10 good reasons why:
  1. More chapters on nutrient-rich foods and herbs and spices — 11 new food chapters and 6 new herbs and spices chapters
  2. More pages — 180 additional pages of valuable information, which can help you achieve optimal health
  3. More recipes — 300 new delicious recipes and additional great ways to enjoy them
  4. New Smart Menu — newly created menu that will help you approach optimal health and get all the nutrients recommended each day
  5. New Nutrient-Rich Cooking — 800 recipes that are good for you and easy to prepare. You get an entire cookbook focusing on preserving nutrients while cooking your favorite World's Healthiest Foods.
  6. New ways to enjoy vegetables — new ways to cook vegetables that preserves nutrients and also makes them taste great, something everyone thought was impossible.
  7. Updated — each section of the 100 World's Healthiest Foods chapters includes updated information about how to select, store, prepare, and cook them. Also, each of the health benefits sections was also brought up-to-date based on the latest scientific studies.
  8. Updated nutritional analysis and nutrient-richness charts in each food chapters with hundreds of new nutrient values
  9. Updated 500 recipes found in the first edition — All 500 recipes from the first edition have been tested and re-tested many times and perfected with changes in methods, cooking times, and cooking temperatures. Instructions include more detail to make my healthy cooking methods easier than ever to follow.
  10. Exciting new design and photography make this book even more attractive and easy to navigate — hundreds of beautiful photographs showcasing the 100 World's Healthiest Foods and herbs and spices, their preparation, and recipes unlike you will find in any other book.

For Optimal Health,

George Mateljan Foundation - dedicated to creating a healthier world

100% Guarantee — 100% Unconditional Guarantee You Have Nothing to Lose!

Remember — Enjoy discovering how to achieve optimal health and trying the foods, recipes, and Nutrient-Rich Cooking methods and Smart Menu and see how great you feel. I am so convinced that you will begin to enjoy noticeably more energy and improved health by enjoying the amazing discoveries you find in this book that I guarantee you 100% of your money back if you are not completely satisfied! And you still have my guarantee even if it's just that you don't like the taste of the recipes.

The sooner you purchase the book the sooner you will begin enjoying the benefits of The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating.

100% guarantee I guarantee a total refund with no questions asked. There is no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose. And the free gifts are yours to keep.

Testimonials from May 2015 to date:

I LOVE your book! - Myrna

Congratulations on a wonderful book! - SA

Received and love the new edition. Thanks. - Kerry

Your new edition arrived recently and I'm enjoying it very much. - LA

Just received my second edition yesterday and I must say I love it. Thank you for all your efforts. - Dave

THANK YOU all the wonderful info in your book. I have given a copy to my three children and also to my ex-wife! - TO

Your book is filled with useful and interesting information. Thank you for writing this book and sharing your knowledge about healthy foods. - Liz

Thank you!!! For the book—I love what you do for all of us. God bless what you do and what you share with us. We just love you. - Charlene

I LOVE your 2nd edition, have urged many family members & friends to order it. This 2nd edition was WELL WORTH the wait ! - Carl

I want you to know your new book is absolutely amazing. I am so glad I've found you!! - AN

I was so excited to learn about Volume 2 of the Worlds Healthiest Foods. I have Volume I and it is so dog eared and covered with splashed food that I couldn't wait to receive the new version. It is my food bible and I love all of the updates!!! - SH

My Second Edition of The World's Healthiest Foods just arrived. I thought the first edition could not be topped, and my copy is well worn and full of my notes and markings. The Second Edition is fantastic. Anyone who is interested in eating for good health needs this. This is a lot coming from me. I have been a registered dietitian since 1968, and if it’s out there I think I have seen it. I highly recommend both this book. - MA

Whfoods Book

Testimonials from pages 2-5 of Second Edition:

book and website

I love my book The World's Healthiest Foods that I purchased this year. I use it constantly. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and putting together this masterpiece of knowledge. If everyone is this wonderful country of ours had a copy, it would change our healthcare crisis. — KW

Thank you so one of the only sources I feel I can trust when it comes to nutrition! Your book and website are frequent references of mine, and I recommend you to everyone! — CH

I absolutely love all teaching our nation and we so desperately need your insights. Thank you George for all contributing to the health of our country, our education, and quality of life. I.m your biggest fan! — HE

Thank you George for doing what you do. You raise my faith in humanity and it is people like you who are changing the world in a positive way. You may never know the ripple effect of your endeavors. So I am just reminding you that there are people like me out there who appreciate you and in turn will be more likely to create great acts of kindness as well. — Dottie

I so appreciate the wonderful wealth of wisdom, education, and profound influence having in the lives of people around the world. Thank you for your wonderful wealth of knowledge and matchless expertise! — HE

Again, I shine gratitude for all of the education your Foundation is sharing with the world! Your Foundation is such a rare gem. I would LOVE to see and help MORE and MORE people get directed to and make use of the valuable resource you have made available to all! — Chelsea

I recently received The World's Healthiest Foods book for my birthday, and I was initially stunned at how big and knowledgeable the book appeared. I have barely been able to put this book down since. It's fantastic. I had been contemplating buying it for a while, and wondered if it was worth the money considering the wealth of information already available on the website. But the book contains so much more information, and it's laid-out beautifully and with so many tips and ideas for preparing and cooking food. I am thrilled to be in possession of such a fantastic book and can't wait to do some further reading. George, so inspirational and impressive, congratulations, and thanks very, very much. — Kim

My dear friend Judith gave me The World's Healthiest Foods. My life has improved immensely because your book. Finally I have a much better understanding of how to prepare food for maximum nutrition and taste. Yum! I respect your cooking work. This book is one of the best gifts I have ever received. Everybody should own it. — Carolyn

George Mateljan's view of food is illuminating. He looks at food as a vehicle for maximizing health with the first priority food preparation that maximizes nutrition while achieving the best taste. He never budges from his mantra. His effort fills your mind with history for each of his 100 foods. For me, this book helps me fortify my mind to be a little stronger against daily temptations of American food marketing machine. — Mark

I just wanted to say that I picked up your book, The World's Healthiest Foods, yesterday at our local Barnes & Noble and have hardly been able to put it down!!! It is probably the BEST book I have ever read on food, nutrition, recipes, etc. Buying it in the store I now see is more expensive than online at your website, ($39.95 at the store), but I would have paid double for this book. It is truly a remarkable book and so easy to read and maneuver around for information I am looking for. I have huge interest in healthy eating, and have always really enjoyed Michael Pollen's books (& still do). They are totally different from yours, but actually yours helps me more easily live the diet that Pollen subscribes to and they complement each other. Kudos to you! This is great and I.m so excited!!! Have never felt this strongly about a book since college in the 70s! Most Sincerely. — Ann

Thank you for your incredible book! I have been studying nutrition on my own and reading many different sources. I always end up coming back to your book as a reference because it has the most complete information. — LE

Greetings all! I want to thank you for such a wonderful book.just received a few days ago! I am beyond impressed with the volume of wonderfully organized useful material! I have been a healthy cook for many years but I am learning new things each time I open the book! I am revising my cookware so I can simply steam and roast and poach! Already tried several healthy cooking methods with veggies and loved it. I love the charts and tables and methods.and recipes.and on and on! I have used olive oil for sautég for years and this gives me wonderful new, healthy alternatives. The price for this book is so reasonable.I so appreciate all the hard work done to create it! With sincere appreciation, George and folks are wonderful! — Nancy

I usually never send e-mails to websites but felt that I must applaud George for his book The World's Healthiest Foods which I have found to be an incredible, straight-up, based-just-on-the-facts beautiful resource on how to live optimally healthy. Before buying this book I would rarely eat fruit or veggies at all, and beforehand have always found the preparation of vegetables intimidating, having never been taught anything about cooking, as the kitchen was always "off-limits" growing up. The quick, delicious recipes you have provided have made an enormous positive impact in my life and lifestyle. I thank you sir, for the incredible combination of both life experience and research you have engaged in towards forwarding healthy eating and food preparation for the general public. Yours is the best book I own, and feel your heart is in the right place, putting health before quick fads and profit and I appreciate how everything is based on science. Many thanks again for all your efforts and for being a role model and positive force of change in the lives of so many people. I speak, truly, from the heart. — Andrew

cooking and recipes

I just wanted to tell you that I received the book today and I am blown away. What you have arranged and written for our benefit is bound to be a legacy. When I see quality I appreciate it and I want you to know that. Having subscribed to the daily recipes for several months I already have a few personal favorites, such as the Asian-Flavored Broccoli with Tofu, The Cauliflower ádente and my sister's favorite, the Golden Squash Soup. I am certain that I will continue to find recipes to rave about. With best wishes. — Sylvia

I purchased The World's Healthiest Foods book and it is the most phenomenal cookbook I have ever seen. I absolutely love the concept and I love that the recipes are so simple and healthy. Also I am single so I cook for one and these recipes are not huge so they are perfect for me. Thank you for writing this book on how to get optimal nutrition from food! — Amy

The World's Healthiest Foods book is the perfect combination of a high quality book about nutrition combined with delicious recipes for healthy eating. It is especially great for busy professionals as the information is easily accessible and easy to comprehend. This book was certainly a labor of love to be shared with all who want to be healthy. Thank you for taking all those years to write it. I am going on your website now to purchase a copy for my daughter as I know she will love it too! I wish you continued success in your endeavors to bring healthy eating to all of us. Kind regards. — LR

Your book and website are great resources for discovering the benefits of different foods and also finding new healthier ways of cooking meals. Thank you for your contribution to making this world a healthier place! — Anastasia

I just got my copy of the book and I am engrossed in it. I also love the recipes I have been trying free from the site for the last month. You have really opened my eyes to how cooking methods can dramatically improve nutrient retention. I am by no means a gifted cook but I have some amazing healthy and delicious meals in the last three weeks. I have tried new foods and loved them. — AN

Million thanks to you Dear George Mateljan. You make it so easy to live better! I have tried your Pureed Sweet Peas & 5-Minute Healthy Sauté Cauliflower with Turmeric recipes, and they are fabulous! I also have used countless articles that you provide to make plans in my diet. I have told many people about your site and showed off some of your videos. I was very surprised at the "Why I Don't Cook With Extra Virgin Olive Oil" video, and have since stopped that bad habit. I truly appreciate what you do! — Cary

Thank you sooooo much! I have made the Apple Tart — it is unbelievable; it is out of this world. I love your recipes. — Beatrisz Your work is the best seen over the years. It's really fun trying your recipes. They always turn out great! — Michell

Thank you, I love your site! I tried the Perfect Oatmeal recipe this morning and I was in heaven! It was delicious! — Kima

Introduction from pages 12-17 of The World's Healthiest Foods, Second Edition:

We are finding ourselves experiencing the worst health crisis in U'S. history. Heart disease and obesity continue to be prevalent while at the same time Altzheimer's, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases are increasing at an alarming rate, with over 1 million people dying from these diseases every year. Consequently, we are experiencing a large drain on our economy with 17.9% of the Gross National Product (GNP) currently spent on healthcare while only 13% of an individual's income is spent on food! And 70% of this is spent on unhealthy processed food.

The U.S. actually spends twice as much on healthcare as any other industrialized country. The total expenditure for healthcare in 2014 was an astounding $3 trillion with little to show for it. Studies show that 86% is spent on chronic diseases, which can be prevented by changing to a healthy lifestyle. It's no wonder our healthcare system is on the brink of financial disaster! With all of the money we spend on treating disease, we still find ourselves ranked an embarrassing 37th in health and longevity compared to other developed countries.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) has been identified to be one of the primary reasons for our health crisis; I believe that it takes a dramatic toll it takes on our national health and economy. SAD can reasonably be considered one of the worst diets the world has ever known because it consists of unhealthy manufactured, highly processed, refined foods, most of which are heavily laden with herbicides, pesticides, sugar, salt, animal fat, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors, and increasingly produced with the use of foods that have been genetically modified (GMO). The sweet, salty, and fatty qualities of these foods are often referred to as "addictive" and given as the reason why they are so commonly eaten to excess. According to the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington:".eating patterns high in sodium, low in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and seafood are the leading cause of health decline and death."

nutrient deficient foods, weight gain, and poor health

The Harvard School of Public Medicine reports that "two out of three adults and one out of three children in the US are overweight and obese." Ironically, in a country that estimates 60% of its population as coping with the problem of excess weight, increasing numbers are also suffering from nutrient deficiencies as the focus of eating has shifted from nourishment to entertainment and convenience. The irony is that at the same time we are overeating, we are becoming nutritionally starved and undernourished because we have become a society that focuses on satiating our hunger with foods that do not nourish our bodies. While the popularity of fun, fast, convenient, easily accessible, cheap foods fits well with our fast-paced lifestyle, their poor nutritional value (high in calories and low in nutrients) has resulted in the undesirable long-term effects of poor personal and national health. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the overindulgence in these foods has occurred in parallel with skyrocketing obesity rates and obesity-related diseases in adults, which includes heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some types of cancer. They estimate that within 20 years 13 million people will die from cancer annually and Alzheimer's disease will double in people over 65. By 2050 they believe around 100 million adults, or one in every three people, will have diabetes.

how to help solve our health crisis

What I find most distressing about our current state of poor health is that well over one million people each year are dying from diseases that are actually preventable.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, "Two-thirds of all deaths in the United States are directly affected by an improper diet. Top killers such as heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer, etc. are all linked to our diet. All of those could be prevented by eating the right foods."

The bright side of this depressing state of affairs is that it also provides us with hope because preventable diseases can be prevented. Leading health authorities tell us they can be prevented by changing the way we eat; they can be prevented by eating for nourishment rather than for entertainment. This is the reason I urge you to change and stop eating foods that destroy your health such as processed foods rich in sugar, salt, and fat and start eating the right foods.nutrient-rich foods — such as the health-promoting World's Healthiest Foods. I believe helping to prevent disease and solving our current health crisis are one in the same. In this book you will learn the right foods to eat every day.

world's healthiest foods way of eating

Since national health begins with the health of the individual I believe one of the best ways to optimize our personal health is by adopting The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating. It is one of the best ways to ensure that we get all the nutrients we need. This book is about showing you what are the right foods to eat and how to cook them properly.

why we need to eat nutrient-rich foods

Whether we are awake or asleep, exercising or sitting still, our cells require nutrients to function properly. The variety of nutrients we need for optimal nourishment is somewhat staggering: we require an abundance of nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals, protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, and literally hundreds of phytonutrients (including carotenoids, flavonoids and others) and not just calories. A lack of these nutrients has been associated with weakened immune system, low energy, and many diseases. Because nutrients are the building blocks for every cell and organ they lay the foundation for physical and mental health and increased longevity. While some nutrients can be stored in our cells and tissues for a limited amount of time, most cannot, which means we need them every day. And the best place to get the full complement of nutrients is from following a healthy eating lifestyle like The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating.

The World's Healthiest Foods are nutrient-rich

Enjoying The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating can help ensure that you get all of the health-protective nutrients found in The World's Healthiest Foods. The World's Healthiest Foods are among the most nutrient-rich foods in the world. Nutrient-richness is defined as the amount of a particular nutrient (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and others) in relationship to that food's caloric value. When it comes to nutrient-richness The World's Healthiest Foods are among the best you can choose.

The hundreds of personal letters I have received testify to how a change to The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating can help promote healthy weight loss, improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and increase energy (and many other health benefits). They help support my belief that Nutrient-Rich Way of Eating with The World's Healthiest Foods is a great way to optimize your health. On page 2 you can see a selection of inspiring testimonials, which I have received from readers of both our website and book.

why a second edition?

I wrote this second edition because I believe adopting The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating and Cooking can be a force for change to a healthier you and a healthier world, and I hope it will help you on your way to optimal health. I dedicate this book to all of you who want to help make this a reality.

This second edition of The World's Healthiest Foods provides you with extensively updated information derived from review of over 10,000 new scientific studies about the health-promoting benefits of The World's Healthiest Foods and why eating these nutrient-rich foods can be the key to avoiding nutrient deficiencies and malnutrition, because most health problems come from nutrient deficiencies. By enjoying a healthy eating lifestyle with The World's Healthiest Foods and Smart Menu you will not only learn to select nutrient-rich foods, but foods that don.t contain added sugar, salt, animal fats, or chemical additives — the cause of many of today's health problems. And because I promote selecting organically grown foods whenever possible you will also be avoiding the pesticides and herbicides used in the conventional growing of plant foods and the hormones and antibiotics found in non-organic meat and poultry. I believe that as individuals adopt a change to the World's Healthiest Way of Eating with The World's Healthiest Foods we are taking a giant step towards helping prevent increasing rates of obesity and related diseases.

what's new and beneficial in the second edition?

The first edition was focused on The World's Healthiest Foods and recipes. This edition is a replacement for the first one focusing on optimal health with newly added:

Note: All 500 recipes from the 1st edition have been tested and re-tested many times and perfected with changes in methods, cooking times, and cooking temperatures. Instructions include more detail to make my healthy cooking methods easier than ever to follow.

updated guide to nutrient-rich, health-promoting foods

On page 1 you are provided with an updated Healthy Eating Guide to the 100 World's Healthiest Foods, which includes 11 new food chapters as well as an expanded list of herbs and spices. The Guide was designed not only to be used as a convenient healthy eating guide, but to also help you distinguish which foods are the most nutrient-rich. Next to each food you will find a nutrient-richness score, which was determined by a rating system and formula devised by our professional staff. With this quantity and array of nutrients provided by The World's Healthiest Foods you get outstanding support across a variety of body systems: immune, inflammatory, hormonal, detoxification, and antioxidant systems to help optimize your health and prevent disease.

nutritional analysis

Scientific knowledge is expanding with incredible speed. Knowledge is doubling about every two years. Because I want you to have up-to-date and accurate information, most of our nutrient values the minimum.been double-checked against the most reliable and current (2013) information from Food Processor (the gold standard in nutrient analysis software) and the USDA nutrient database. Some have been checked far beyond. As a result of this process, hundreds of the nutrient values will have changed from the first edition so you will have updated information. The nutrient-richness values found in the Guide are calculated from these ratings and may also have changed to coincide with the updated information. The values found in the Glycemic Index (GI) chart are now presented in a format that is more user-friendly and align with the most current information available. We also now have GI ratings for vegetables.

part 1, benefits of The World's Healthiest Foods

This book is organized into parts. Part 1 covers the updated benefits of The World's Healthiest Foods. They are nourishing, whole, nutrient-rich, health-promoting and, whenever possible, organically grown. (I provide you with complete information about the 100 World's Healthiest Foods in Part 4.)

part 2, The World's Healthiest Foods smart menu — everything you need for optimum health

One of the most common problems I hear from those wanting to become more conscious about the way they eat is how they should begin. They ask "I now have a Healthy Eating Guide to The World's Healthiest Foods, but how do I actually incorporate these foods as part of my daily meals?" That's where the Smart Menu comes in. The Smart Menu leaves nothing to guesswork; all the work has been done for you from what foods to shop for to how to prepare and cook them. And I have provided you with recipes for all of the food suggestions in the Smart Menu. The Smart Menu contains everything most people need to help optimize health. Following the Smart Menu you will eat more health-promoting fresh foods including vegetables, fruits, omega-3-rich foods, and you will eat less meat, saturated fats, salt, and sugar. The Smart Menu provides 100% of the essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and others) recommended for each day. It is the most complete and easiest Menu to follow that you will find anywhere. The Smart Menu is designed to kick-start you toward The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating with breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and snack) menus that are not only easy-to-prepare, but delicious as well! (See Part 2, page 53.)

part 3, nutrient-rich cooking

How you prepare and cook your food can be as important as the food you select to eat. Even the most nutritious foods will not provide its potential of nourishment if improperly cooked. It has been found that foods cooked the traditional way could lose from 50-80% of their nutrients because they were overcooked. This is the reason I created a new way of cooking to preserve nutrients, which I call Nutrient-Rich Cooking — an optimal way of cooking using minimal cooking time and avoiding as much nutrient loss as possible while bringing out the foods. vibrant color, flavor, and aromas. The secret to Nutrient-Rich Cooking is precision using low cooking temperatures, exact cooking times, and specific cooking methods, which accommodate the unique characteristics of each food. Nutrient-Rich Cooking not only helps preserve nutrients but brings out the great flavor of food. Because cooking impacts the nutrients in your food, with Nutrient-Rich Cooking, I share with you how to cook your food just long enough to soften its fiber and change it as little as possible from its natural state. Nutrient-Rich Cooking helps to aid digestion and increase your enjoyment of health-promoting foods.

new way to cook vegetables

Since vegetables are one of the best ways to optimize our health they are a key addition to The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating. Without vegetables you cannot get all of the nutrients you need each day. The effects of not eating enough vegetables range from low energy levels to reduced immune function and increasing the risk of many types of preventable diseases.

What I have found is that most people are not eating vegetables, because they do not like the taste of cooked vegetables. They often say it is impossible to make vegetables taste good, but the good news is that you can have vegetables that taste good by using the Nutrient-Rich Way to Cook Vegetables. They taste so great using my revolutionary way of cooking that you will begin to transform your view of vegetables from being an accessory to the main course to a star feature of your meal. Not only does Nutrient-Rich Cooking make great tasting vegetables but it makes vegetables that have retained most of their nutritional value. And it's so easy anyone can do it! In this second edition you will find some of the best information available on the World's Healthiest Vegetables and learn how to make them enjoyable. With Nutrient- Rich Cooking I think you will find that vegetables will become some of your favorite foods as they have become mine. (See Part 3, page 75.)

part 4, 100 world's healthiest foods

Each food chapter section on how to select, store, prepare, and cook the 100 World's Healthiest Foods has been newly updated. Updates were also made to the sections on Health Benefits.

part 5, essential nutrients from food

Research continues to find that the best place to get your daily requirement of nutrients is from nutrient-rich foods, such as The World's Healthiest Foods (rather than from supplements). They naturally provide the wide variety of health-protective nutrients necessary for the synergistic reactions between nutrients, which are in their natural form with their innate life form. In the nutrient section (see page 939) of this book you will find that I have profiles that are completely focused on food! Unlike most books and websites that focus on the function of nutrients in the body from a medical perspective, I focus on the relationship between nutrients and food. I provide practical information about 31 nutrients, the best food sources for each nutrient, the role each nutrient plays in maintaining health, and public health recommendations. I believe you will be provided with the most research-based, up-to-date, food-oriented look at nutrients that is available anywhere. This is invaluable information especially for those who have unique nutritional requirements and are trying to fulfill them from the food they eat.

welcome to the healthy eating and cooking of the future

This second edition of The World's Healthiest Foods book represents the future of health care — a movement towards wellness and taking greater personal responsibility for our own health. Self-care has finally arrived in the simple form of healthy eating and nutrient-rich cooking with The World's Healthiest Foods. The movement can help save many lives and billions of dollars by preventing disease rather than for us waiting to have it treated. I believe adopting The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating and Cooking is one of the best ways to make the self-care movement a reality. I want this second edition to help you become an agent for change and empower you to take control of your personal health. One way to do this is by encouraging you to select The World's Healthiest Foods, use the Smart Menu, and prepare more of your meals at home using the Nutrient-Rich Cooking methods, which helps ensure minimal loss of nutrients and provides you with enjoyable meals that can also save you time and money.

Become a smart eater by using the Smart Menu. Promote self-care and healthy eating and cooking by increasing your knowledge base with this book. Read food labels and check out the list of ingredients on packaged foods. Stop supporting the availability of unhealthy foods and eating foods that are harmful to your health. Become an active leader and spread the word to others. You are the one that can make a real difference in your health. It's worth a try because it works.

prevention — one size fits all

My goal is to help health-minded individuals like you make healthy lifestyle choices by adopting The World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating and Cooking. What I find so remarkable about chronic preventable disease patterns (including obesity) is the degree they overlap when it comes to dietary prevention. Based on current research we do not need one diet to prevent obesity, another to prevent diabetes, a third one to prevent osteoporosis, a fourth to prevent heart disease, and a fifth to prevent cancer. What is needed to prevent disease are changes in the same general direction — decreasing intake of sugar, salt, animal fat, and refined processed foods and increasing the intake of health-promoting nutrient-rich foods, especially good-tasting fruits and vegetables and omega-3-rich foods like you will find in The World's Healthiest Foods Smart Menu. Once these lifestyle changes are put into place we won't need the hundreds of diets that promise health and weight loss as my World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating is a one-size-fits-all change in the way we eat and cook. The Smart Menu will do it all for you.

eating for our genes

While our genes have long been the scapegoat for many of our physical and mental ills, research is increasingly finding that our genetics are very plastic. In other words, our physical and mental health are not set only by our genetic make-up but by healthy lifestyle choices. Making healthy eating choices have been found to be one of the primary ways to make a difference in how our genes are expressed.

sharing our knowledge

By making a commitment and empowering ourselves through self-care, we can optimize our health, feel more energized, and help reduce the risk of preventable diseases. And by sharing the knowledge you gain through this book, you can also help others become active participants in the self-care movement.

This expanded second edition of The World's Healthiest Foods has over 180 additional pages of valuable information and is designed to be two books in one: (1) a healthy eating guide to the 100 World's Healthiest Foods and their health-promoting benefits and the Menu; and (2) a Nutrient-Rich cookbook. It is a large reference book, which is not designed to be read from cover to cover. You can start by reading the chapters that are most interesting to you as each chapter is complete in itself. I give you in-depth information, not just headlines and sound bites. I provide you with complete information about the healthiest ways to eat and cook, which I believe will significantly impact your health.

All of the information found in this book makes it an ultimate resource for anyone who wants the most current, accurate, reliable, and unbiased information on healthy eating and cooking. I wrote this book so you can have a trusted companion to help you make wise decisions for a healthy eating lifestyle by adopting the World's Healthiest Way of Eating and Cooking. You won't need 10 or 20 cookbooks. And everything you need is in one book. I believe it can help change your life!

best of health,
George Mateljan

For examples of a food chapter and nutrient chapter go to Kale and Calcium.