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February 21, 2005

Dear Friend,

My belief that "No one food provides a magic bullet for optimal health," continues to be supported by recent scientific research. Studies show that the health benefits derived from enjoying a variety of healthful foods far outweigh those derived from taking single nutrients.

In a recent interview, Jeff Prince of the American Institute for Cancer Research noted that while a lycopene supplement may not hurt you, a whole tomato can help you more, and a tomato eaten with broccoli will help you even more. The latest research suggests eating broccoli with tomatoes maximizes the cancer protection of both foods, but Prince emphasizes that the real message is not just about eating tomatoes and broccoli but rather that a medley of different vegetables eaten together can bolster the body's different defenses against chronic disease.

This is certainly our philosophy here at WHFoods and the reason why our list of World's Healthiest Vegetables includes such a wide variety of some of the healthiest, most nutrient-rich vegetables you can enjoy in your Healthier Way of Eating.

George Mateljan

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FOOD OF THE WEEK . . . Oranges

Did you know that although oranges are renowned for their vitamin C they are also important as a source of dietary fiber? One medium-sized orange contains 13% of your daily value for fiber. While we usually consider most of the fiber to be in the fleshy orange pulp of the orange, research is finding that pectin and other forms of fiber found in the white layer beneath the skin of the orange can help curb appetite and suppress hunger for up to four hours! And contrary to common belief, the white pulpy portion of oranges is not bitter. Whole oranges are also a healthy snack for people with diabetes because the fiber helps to keep blood sugar levels under control. By selecting a whole fresh orange over a glass of orange juice, you will benefit from about the same amount of vitamin C but you will also be gaining the 4 grams of dietary fiber that is lost through the juicing process!

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Shopping List:

  • 1 medium sized pineapple
  • 4 oranges
  • 1 large papaya
  • 2 TBS sliced almonds