I have been told not to eat spinach raw.What other vegetables should not be eaten raw?

You may have been advised to limit your consumption of raw spinach and other oxalate or purine containing greens (e.g., Swiss chard, beet greens) which can cause problems for individuals with kidney and gallbladder concerns or gout. However, for most healthy individuals, regular intake of oxalates and purines from the diet is not a concern. In this case, raw greens can be an important addition to the diet to help ensure optimal nutrition.

You can learn more about safety concerns associated with spinach from our

href="genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=43#safetyissues">Spinach article.

If you are prone to kidney problems and are limiting the oxalate content of your diet, you can Quick Boil spinach and other oxalate containing greens and discard the boiling water to reduce their oxalate content.

You can learn more about oxalates from this article on our website. Can you tell me what oxalates are and in which foods they are found?

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