Is there an issue of aluminum and plastic leaking into the products contained in aseptic packaging?

We aren't aware of any confirmed health concerns associated with the use of aseptic packaging. While we haven't completed a detailed review on this topic, we would direct you to a Q+A from Tetra Pak USA about their packages. As background, we don't endorse their products nor have any relationship with this company. Further, we have not investigated whether the industry tests have been repeated by independent third party researchers.

Are aseptic packages safe?

Yes. There are no health concerns associated with the aseptic package. The silver material you see on the inside of the aseptic package is an ultra-thin layer of aluminum, which forms a barrier against light and oxygen, eliminating the need for refrigeration and preventing spoilage without using preservatives. Aluminum does not touch the food product. The inside layer of an aseptic package, which touches the product, is polyethylene (plastic), not aluminum. Moreover, there is no leaching of aluminum or aluminum components through the polyethylene layer. The polyethylene used in the aseptic package, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), is an FDA-approved food-contact surface material. It is the only material in the package that comes in contact with the food product, and in addition, industry tests have shown that no polyethylene leaches into the food product.

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