How can you say "milk, meat, fish, dairy and eggs" are healthy? But, I love your site!

It's not unusual for us to get feedback from website visitors who tell us, "We love your website! But how can you possibly recommend shrimp (or beef, or cow's milk, etc.)?" We include these foods for the same reasons as all of our WHFoods: they are whole foods that are part of longstanding culinary traditions, are widely available in U.S. food markets, and outstanding in their nutrient-richness. But we recognize their controversial nature, and we realize they aren't for everyone. One of the best things you can do for your health is to make your meal plan your own. We believe in providing you with the best available scientific information, and easy steps toward delicious and healthy meals. But we also believe in the importance of your personal food decisions—especially when you are considering the role of our more controversial WHFoods.

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