Can you tell me about eating raw rolled oats?

Oats and other grains contain a compound known as phytic acid. Cooking oats naturally lowers their phytic acid content. Phytic acid, which is also a component of other plant foods, does have the potential to decrease mineral absorption when eaten in high amounts. In light of this information, you should also know that phytic acid naturally contains phosphorus and inositol, two health supportive substances so we believe that it is not necessarily a substance that should be avoided.

The rolled oats you purchase at the market are however not totally raw as they have been steamed in the process of making rolled oats. And in many countries oats have traditionally been eaten "raw" as in Swiss oats, and studies in Europe have shown them to be very nutritious. We believe that the heat used in the steaming process is likely to remove some of phytic acid content. Since we are not aware of studies that specifically compare the phytic acid content of "raw" rolled oats versus ones that are cooked after purchase, we cannot give you definitive information about how much more phytic acid is removed if it is cooked.

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