I am trying to eat better and lose weight. But I have been craving celery very weird; in the past I didn't like it. Am I lacking in something?

While there isn't solid science to support specific food cravings being the result of nutrient deficiency, we often hear that people report food cravings from time to time. It is possible that these cravings are a result of nutrients lacking in the diet and it is also possible that changes in hormones or other factors are at play. Often times during attempts to lose weight, the body doesn't receive the nourishment needed because the individual has significantly cut back their food intake. We would encourage you to learn more about the Healthiest Way of Eating and even consider George's book, Weight Loss Success Without Dieting. Including a wide variety of healthy foods as part of your diet is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and ensuring optimal nutrition for good health and disease prevention.

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