The World's Healthiest Foods

Why don't healthy foods always taste better than unhealthy ones?

It is really no surprise that unhealthy foods often taste better than healthy foods when you consider that thousands of scientists and food chemists devote their life to developing ingredients with intense tastes that tantalize our taste buds. Consider all of the different forms of sugar that are used to make processed foods: high fructose corn syrup and sucrose are just two out of many. These refined sweeteners are more intensely sweet than the natural sugars found in whole, healthy foods. Many processed foods also contain salty ingredients, such as plain old table salt, or hydrogenated fats that improve the mouth feel of food. After years of eating foods with these processed ingredients our taste buds become conditioned to the intensity of the taste, and by comparison, healthy foods may not seem to have as much flavor. However, it is never too late to recondition your taste buds! After several weeks of adjusting to the natural flavors of the World's Healthiest Foods, these flavors will become the new standard for your taste buds. These natural flavors will also set a new standard for your health!

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