The World's Healthiest Foods

If my foods are nutrient dense, will I be satisfied with smaller portions?

From the standpoint of your body chemistry, nutrient dense food will leave you more satisfied even though you eat smaller portions. The reason is simple. Nutrient dense foods contain a wide variety and significant amount of essential nutrients, and do not have to be eaten in large quantities to provide your body with nutrient supplies. Because a small serving still makes a large nutritional impact, your body can be chemically satisfied with a relatively small amount.

Body chemistry, however, is not the only thing we try to satisfy when we eat. Many of us do not eat simply to satisfy our hunger pains, or to provide our cells with the right amount of vitamin C. Think about how often we eat for other reasons! For example, we might eat to reduce our stress, or to end our boredom, to to comfort our sadness, or to lessen our anger. When we eat for these reasons, nutrient dense foods may not help us become more satisfied with smaller portions. If you are eating the World's Healthiest Foods, consuming the right amount of calories to meet your individual needs, and still not feeling satisfied, try to think about and identify non-nutritional reasons that might be involved. Are you also trying to reduce your stress, or to end boredom? Try to identify the real cause of your stress or boredom, and then take one simple step to change things. For example, if you are stressed because you never seem to have time to exercise, step out the door right that moment for a short five-minute walk. Don't let your stress convince you that the World's Healthiest Foods can't help you become more satisfied. They are the highest-quality foods you can eat, and they can help your life become more high-quality!

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