The World's Healthiest Foods

Mary Lane, Chef

Mary Lane graduated from San Francisco's renowned California Culinary Academy in 1982. From there, she became the private chef for Joseph Phelps Winery in Napa, California, where she cooked for many clients of Joseph Phelps, pairing food with featured wines.

After a period as chef in the wine country, Mary became chef and owner of "The Nob Hill Café" in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This leading-edge restaurant in the 80s was known for its healthy, delicious food using only the freshest ingredients.

Mary has been interested in nutrition since the 1980s and has studied extensively. Applying her nutritional knowledge, she catered for several years throughout the country for many health retreats. She has written numerous articles on food and nutrition and continues to teach healthy cooking classes.

In the mid 90s, Mary attended two years of schooling at San Francisco's "Nam Singh's Academy of Cooking with Chinese Herbs." This school has its foundation in the Chinese 5 Element system of nutrition, along with medicinal cooking using Chinese Tonic Herbs. Mary has applied this system in her cooking and nutrition classes. She also studied with Eliot Cowan, author of "Plant Spirit Medicine," which has taken her deeper into the application of the 5 Element system of eating and living.

In pursuit of her passion for the essence of food, Mary went to the North Carolina mountains for 1˝ years to study the art of identifying, gathering and cooking wild food and herbs with the acclaimed teacher, Marie Mellinger.

She is currently working with the George Mateljan Foundation as consulting chef, recipe developer, and stylist. Mary specializes in combining nutritious food with a gourmet touch that is in harmony with the seasons. Her belief is that healthy eating can be easily integrated into life without giving up the joy of delicious feasting with friends and family.