Tenji Cowan, Photographer

Work on the World's Healthiest Foods website has afforded Tenji Cowan an opportunity to implement her diversified educational and professional experience. She graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in biology. She subsequently worked as a Head Start teacher in the Watts section of South Central Los Angeles where disseminating information about health, nutrition and public health resources was integrated into this community oriented program.

Tenji spent nine years working for the Washington State Department of Fisheries supervising the commercial and sport salmon catches on Southern Puget Sound before she ventured on her own to personally and solely operate a large salmon buyer boat. She has worked closely with fishermen, buyers, and seafood processors. Her familiarity with the seafood industry made her very much aware of how important the freshness, handling and packaging of seafood is to its taste and nutritional value.

Tenji was admitted to the School of Architecture at the University of Melbourne in Australia where the emphasis in the first year was on design, color and perspective which complimented a personal interest in both art and photography. In the Masters program in Health Psychology she developed a statistical model for the cause and effect relationship between the variables that lead to psychological well being. Clerical and administrative positions have provided funding for both educational and personal pursuits. The diversification of Tenji's background well suits the eclectic nature of her work on the World's Healthiest Foods. Among a myriad of other duties, Tenji is the consulting photographer for the World's Healthiest Foods website.

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