Is there any credibility to a seasonal diet?

Q. Is there any credibility to a "seasonal diet" that recommends avoiding certain fruits and vegetables at certain times of the year because they cross-pollinate with the trees/weeds to which one might be allergic?

A. We generally support the idea of a seasonal diet. Whole, natural foods vary from season to season, and while there is no high-quality research to support seasonal versus non-seasonal eating, the principles of seasonal eating make good sense to us. With respect to pollen and food allergy, it would make sense to us for a person with a particular environmental allergy like birch pollen allergy to avoid cross-reactive foods (such as Rosaceae fruits including apples, pears, blackberries and others) during those weeks when birch pollen counts were highest. We have not found a website that seems to cover these issues in a comprehensive and science-based way. For more information, we would investigate the website of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine at and seek out the advice of an AAEM physician.

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