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Are raw cranberries good for you?

Yes, raw cranberries (so long as they are high-quality and organically grown) are good for you. The reason that most people don't eat cranberries raw is because they are very tart. (Some people might experience a stomachache from the fruit's tartness, but from a nutritional standpoint, I would still describe raw cranberries as being a highly nutritious food and a food without natural toxicity risks.) One of my favorite ways to incorporate raw cranberries into my diet is to slice them very thin and add them to salads or cooked vegetables. By slicing them thin you won't have to worry about an overload of tartness; you'll get just enough zing to brighten the taste of the dish to which you add them.

One group of individuals who may want to hold off before including raw cranberries in their Healthiest Way of Eating would be individuals taking the prescription drug warfarin. Although most of the studies involving potential interactions between this medication and cranberry have been done on cranberry juice, I would recommend physician approval in this situation to remain on the safe side.

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