How to Use the World's Healthiest Foods to Fit Your Lifestyle



On this website, we've made sure that The World's Healthiest Foods can fit easily into any lifestyle and that the information that meets your specific needs is available. Just take a look at our Home Page. You'll find that any question you might have about The World's Healthiest Foods can be answered with a simple click of your mouse.

We've done our best to make incorporating these health-promoting foods into your diet delightfully easy and to help you save money, both immediately at the check out counter and, long-term, in significantly reduced health care costs. The World's Healthiest Foods are widely available, offered at competitive prices, and can be used to create delicious meals in no more time than you currently spend cooking. Just give them a chance. We promise that you and your family will enjoy not only exceptionally delicious food, but a significant enhancement in the way you look and feel.

The recipes created for The World's Healthiest foods in the kitchen of George Mateljan, founder of the George Mateljan Foundation, have been designed to maximize your nutrition while minimizing your grocery costs and time spent in the kitchen. All recipes are:

  • Quick to prepare – less than 35 minutes
  • Made with familiar ingredients
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Affordable
  • Good tasting
  • Healthy and nutritious

The World's Healthiest Foods are Widely Available

No longer relegated to specialty or natural foods stores, organic and whole foods have been making incredible inroads onto the produce aisles and shelves of supermarkets across the country. Chances are that your favorite market deli even offers a selection of prepared organic foods since approximately three-quarters of supermarkets across the country, responding to consumer demand, feature organic offerings. In fact, supermarkets are the places where the majority of Americans purchase natural and organic food.

While conventionally grown fruits and vegetables have always been available at supermarkets, organic produce offerings are becoming extremely common. In addition, more and more available organic and natural alternatives are available to traditional foods that you already enjoy. In fact, in the first half of the year 2000 alone, eight hundred new organic food products were introduced. You can probably find organically grown or additive-free alternatives to most every food on your shopping list. Meat, frozen entrees and desserts, breakfast cereals, instant soup mixes, cookies, chips, spices--you name, it's available.

Eating Well Doesn’t Cost More

People often think that it costs a lot more to eat healthy. But it really doesn't have to.

Due to higher consumer demand, increased availability and the entry of some large-scale companies like General Mills and Kellogg’s into the organic and natural foods marketplace, prices have been steadily dropping. You can even find some organically grown produce and grains priced competitively to their conventionally grown counterparts.

Yet, even when organically grown foods cost a little more, most people feel that the small premium that they pay for their health benefits, freshness and delicious taste is well worth it. According to one study by ABC News and 20/20, 49% of all shoppers and 65% of organic food shoppers stated that they believe organic foods are well worth the extra money.

Understanding that organic foods are priced as they are not because manufacturers are capitalizing on a trend, but because the prices reflect the true costs of this agricultural system, which is more labor-intensive, can help you better appreciate any cost differences that may exist. Yet, even if some organic foods cost a little more in the short term (at the check out counter), in reality, when you factor in the "hidden" costs to personal and environmental health, in the long term, they are actually the same price, if not even less expensive, than conventionally grown foods.

Another reason that eating a healthy foods diet doesn't have to cost more is that the cost of the ingredients that comprise a recipe is significantly less expensive than the prepared food items that you may purchase at the supermarket. In addition, preparing a simple recipe, like those found on our website and in our cookbook, most of which take just 15-30 minutes to prepare, costs a lot less (and takes less time) than taking your family out to dinner.

World's Healthiest Foods are Quick, Easy to Prepare and Convenient

Eating well doesn’t have to siphon time from your life. Most of the World's Healthiest Foods are probably available at your current or a close by market. If you cannot find what you want at the market where you currently shop, suggest that they consider carrying these foods. Money, in the form of your purchasing dollars traveling to a different store, talks persuasively. Your grocer wants your business, and you may be surprised how quickly your requests are honored.

In addition, many people are under the false impression that delicious healthy cooking demands a degree in cuisine, a chef's hat, and a big time commitment. This is absolutely not true. Just take a look at the recipes on our website. Yes, they were created to be exceptionally flavorful and with the express goal of making healthy cooking even quicker and easier than the typical dinner you are preparing now. In addition, we've included many tips that will enable you to still maintain the healthy integrity of your meals and save even more time. Once you try this way of cooking, you'll find it even transfers readily to your favorite recipes, improving their nutritional quality and cutting down their preparation time.

If your lifestyle is full of children's soccer games, carpools and other personal and family responsibilities, and you run short on time to cook dinner some nights during the week, you can fall back on the vast array of healthier convenience foods. Like conventional convenience foods, healthy convenience foods cost a bit more than those you prepare yourself, but sometimes, they're worth every extra penny. A quick look at the natural foods freezer section in your supermarket will present you with a host of great tasting, quick-to-prepare meal options. And if you don't have time to prepare a lunch to take to work, these also make wonderful healthy quick meals you can just heat up at the office.

If your weekday mornings share some of the characteristics of a 100-yard dash, healthy prepared breakfast foods can come to your rescue, so you and your family don't have to sacrifice a good start to the day. Organically grown hot and cold cereals, frozen waffles, breakfast pastries, pancake mixes and juices are quick, delicious and nutritious breakfasts that all your cells, including your taste buds, can enjoy.

Healthy Foods Appeal to All Our Senses

When people think of healthy eating, they often assume they will have to sacrifice taste and the enjoyment of their food. But, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Part of the beauty of healthy foods is the inherent freshness that they emanate, a vitality that comes across in their rich and lively flavor. The vibrant taste of organic foods is one of the major reasons that restaurant chefs across the country are using more and more of these healthy food ingredients in the recipes they prepare. Just imagining the smooth creamy taste of an avocado, the musky sweet flavor of a ripe apricot or the nutty chewiness of buckwheat is sure to please the palates of both the young and old. To learn more about the flavors of whole foods that you may have been interested in but have yet to try, please explore our Foods/Spices Database.

The beauty of the World's Healthiest Foods extends beyond their amazing taste to their colors and textures. Fruits, vegetables, beans and other healthy whole foods are graced with stunning vivid colors that are a reflection of their phytochemical pigments. The deep red of tomatoes, the pink-orange of papaya, the violet of eggplant, the green of chard, and pearlized brown of barley provide an enchanting palate of colors that would delight even an impressionist painter - and each of these hues signals the presence of a different array of health-promoting phytochemicals.

The discussion of the wonderful sensory experience that the World's Healthiest Foods provide would not be complete without reflecting upon their incredible smells. One of the joys of summer is cutting into a fresh cantaloupe and enjoying its sweet scent. A relaxed Friday night just wouldn't be half as pleasant without the aroma of onions and garlic, carmelizing in a pan on the stove in preparation for an exceptional, yet easy to prepare meal. On a winter weekend, a homemade soup full of rich, earthy vegetables and spices simmers, creating an aroma throughout your house that says, "Home." Or, one of our all time favorites, the spicy, cinnamony smell of homemade granola with almonds or walnuts gently roasting as it bakes. Healthy food really smells wonderul.


While many people realize that incorporating the World's Healthiest Foods into their diet can provide them with significant health benefits, they are still hesitant to try it. They assume, incorrectly, that eating healthy foods is expensive, time-consuming, and will difficult, given their hectic lifestyle. They feel that healthy foods require more time to find and prepare, time they do not have in their busy lives. They also think their grocery bills will go up because healthy foods are much more expensive and are only available at select stores, ones in which they do not currently shop. In addition, they feel that eating healthier means that they have to sacrifice the taste and enjoyment of their food.

Fortunately, none of these assumptions are true.

While many people are aware of at least some of the health benefits that the World's Healthiest Foods provide, most do not know that eating well can be quick, easy, and exceptionally delicious. The World's Healthiest Foods are readily available, comparable in price to processed and conventionally grown foods, and we guarantee that, with our recipies, you can easily provide your family with exceptional meals that will become their favorites, while reaping numerous benefits in their health and appearance.

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