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Why You Should Enjoy the Slightly Bitter Taste of Cabbage

A little bit of bitterness in the taste of cabbage is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to your health. Although the commercial food industry sometimes tries to remove bitter-tasting constituents from cruciferous vegetables through hybridization of different cabbage varieties, some of the bitter-tasting constituents including sinigrin, one of the glucosinolates especially plentiful in cabbage is the source of the anti-cancer substance AITC. Rather than attempting to completely eliminate the natural bitterness of cabbage, we would be much better off from a health standpoint weaving cabbage into a recipe that included differently flavored foods in such a way that the cabbage was allowed to retain a little of its natural and noticeable bitterness but within a blended-flavor context of a delicious dish! Adding a bit of ginger to your cabbage dish is a great way to add zing and enhance its flavor.