What are the "World's Unhealthiest Foods"?

The "unhealthiest" foods tend to be those that least resemble their original natural ingredients and have the most added refined and artificial additives. Prime examples are the "white foods" — white sugar, white flour, and white fat, and the gamut of foods in which they are the principal ingredients.

Foods having "whites" as their primary ingredients are frighteningly ubiquitous! Examples include soft drinks, most breads, crackers, pasta, pastries and pastry fillings, cakes, frostings, margarine and bread spreads, jellies, sweets and candies, frozen dinners, hamburger and hotdog buns, snacks, doughnuts, pizzas, pies, candy bars, and cookies — all of which are common snacks and convenience foods. Indeed, many of these combine all three whites together — white sugar, flour, and fat! Furthermore, these foods frequently contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, texturizing and processing agents, and other additives that further detract from their nutritional stature and your health.

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