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If you were to pick one food for a real quick pick-me-up and energy, which would it be?

What food you'd want to select for "a real quick pick-me-up" and "energy" would depend on the purpose of the quick pick-me-up and the underlying reasons for the sluggishness and lack of energy. In some cases, there wouldn't be any food that could "pick-you-up" or provide you with "quick energy." In other cases, a particular food might work, but it would only work because it helped to supply some underlying nutrient that your body needed for some upcoming purpose. We will give you a few examples to better explain our approach here.

There are some individuals who have to pay fairly close attention to their blood sugar levels in order to feel energetic and vital. If they fail to have small, frequent meals throughout the day, their blood sugar can fluctuate too greatly. When they experience a drop in their blood sugar below a comfortable level, they will begin to feel the need for a "pick-me-up." At this moment in time, a whole, natural food with significant simple sugar content-like a piece of fruit-can do the trick. The quickly metabolized sugar from this whole food can often bring a person's blood sugar level back up to a comfortable level. It usually takes the help of a healthcare professional to determine if blood sugar regulation is a process that's going to take some special focus on your part.

If you need a "pick-me-up" for an upcoming trip to the gym for a workout, a piece of fruit will do you very little good. The sugar in your fruit will come and go too quickly in your metabolism to help support your gym workout. You're going to need a food with more protein to last you through a longer period of time. If the period of time is long enough, and your calorie need is great enough, you are going to need a food with some fat as well. Under this circumstance, a snack like almond butter on 100% whole grain crackers would work much better than fruit because the significant amount of protein and fat in that snack would hold you over throughout the exercise period of time.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of whole, natural foods when it comes to "pick-me-ups" and "energy." Regardless of your momentary, physiological state, your metabolism is complicated and it cannot thrive on one type of nutrient alone. Giving your body "energy" is almost never a matter of simply giving it calories. "Picking you up" means providing your metabolism with the complete nourishment needed at that moment. We get a lot of feedback from readers and one of the most common things that they note after they begin to incorporate more nutrient-rich foods (like those featured on our website) into their diet and reduce the amount of processed foods they eat is how much energy they feel.

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