Why is the food of the week among the WHFoods?

Although nutrient-richness is the most important criteria for the selection of the World's Healthiest Foods, they also had to meet practical criteria as well; they also had to be easily accessible and taste good. If you can't easily purchase a food or don't enjoy eating it, you are not going to include it in your "Healthiest Way of Eating."

Therefore, the following criteria had to be fulfilled for a food to be included among our list of World's Healthiest Foods:

No matter how uniquely nutrient-rich a food might be, one food cannot fulfill all of your nutritional requirements much less your personal tastes. That's why we have selected100 foods to comprise our list of World's Healthiest Foods. A Healthiest Way of Eating comprised of a variety of the World's Healthiest Foods paves the road towards vibrant health and vitality.

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