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More About Green Peas From Our Newsletter

Did you know that the B vitamins in green peas may help reduce fatigue and sluggishness? In order for the energy in the food you eat to be accessible to your body for energy production, it must be transformed into a form your body can use. This transference of energy requires enzymes and many nutrients, especially B vitamins. The role of B vitamins in the functioning of the mitochondria (the energy production factories inside your cells) is one reason they are sometimes referred to as the "energy vitamins." All of the B vitamins are important for producing energy, and plentiful amounts of most of them can be found in a one cup serving of green peas: one cup contains 27% of your daily value (DV) for B1, 18% DV for B6, 16% DV for B3 and 14% DV for B2. So, for a healthy energy boost, add nutritious, sweet tasting green peas to your Healthier Way of Eating. Read more Green peas.