What's New and Upcoming in 2014

While updating our website is always an ongoing process, 2014 sees the fruits of the mammoth efforts our team has been putting forth to provide you with the major changes to many of the over 10,000 pages of information provided for you at whfoods.org. We hope you find the updates (and those still to come) helpful to you on your path to a Healthier Way of Eating and Cooking in 2014.

New Food Profiles!

One of the primary features of our website are the comprehensive profiles for each of the Worlds Healthiest Foods. These include the most updated scientific information found under "What's New and Beneficial About one of the WHFoods." You will also find out about their health benefits, description, history, how to select and store them, how to prepare them, an in-depth nutritional profile featuring 125 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and much more. Here is the list of foods that have been updated in the last year and the rest is yet to come and will be added to the list as they are updated. Our Food of the Week, Avocados, is among those foods updated on the website.

For a Complete List of Updated Foods

New Nutritional Profiles!

We are in the process of completing the update of all of our nutrient profiles with emphasis focused on how these nutrients can be derived from the World's Healthiest Foods. You will find a basic description of each nutrient, its role in health support, a summary of what foods provide the best source of the nutrients, impact of cooking, risk of dietary deficiency, relationship with other nutrients and much more.

Each profile also provides you with a list of the World's Healthiest Foods ranked as a quality source of each nutrient. We will continue to add to this list as the profiles are completed:

New Nutrient Information!

We have new nutrient information for our WHFoods! We used the latest version of the Food Processor database from ESHA Research in Salem, OR to get the most recent nutrient data available to us. There is new nutrient information for most of our WH Foods. This new nutrient information gives you an even more complete look at our WHFoods and their nutrient richness.

We've also re-formatted our in-depth nutrient profiles, so that it is easier than ever for you to see our comprehensive list of nutrients in each of our WHFoods. And these in-depth profiles have been expanded so that you now see information about more than 125 nutrients in our WHFoods. We organize this information so that you can readily find nutritional data for 30 vitamins, 16 minerals, and 50 fatty acids/amino acids!

New Glycemic Index Values!

We are making it easier than ever for website visitors to discover the world of glycemic index and GI ratings for our WHFoods. Our food profiles provide GI ratings of very low, low, medium, and high for our WHFoods as well as our WH Herbs & Spices. These GI ratings are easy to spot at the top right of the nutritional profiles for each food.We reviewed the new research on GI, including the new research on available carbohydrates.

See a full explanation of our New GI rating System

Updated Rating System!

We have upgraded our food rating system to include the Dietary Reference Intakes from the National Academy of Sciences! In our previous version of the food rating system, we made exclusive use of Daily Values as established by the Food and Drug Administration. We felt like these DVs were most familiar to consumers, because they are the standards used on the Nutrition Facts Panel in food labeling, and most everybody has picked up a food in the grocery store and seen information about "% Daily Value." But we have now expanded our rating system to take into account not only the DVs, but also the DRIs. Consumers are not as familiar with the DRIs, because they are not used in food labeling. However, they are the nutritional standards most commonly used by healthcare practitioners, and they represent more recent research and more comprehensive research than the DVs. Our food rating system now takes both sets of standards into account: the DVs and now also the DRIs. (We ended up with 21 ratings based on DRI and 11 ratings based on DV.) You'll see that all of our nutrient charts now show the heading "DRI/DV (%).

Bar Chart Information is New!

At the beginning of each food profile you will find a newly updated bar chart based on the on NEW nutritional data and a NEW system for rating foods!!!!

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