Is it okay for me to "eat on the run?"

"Eating on the run" is a phrase familiar to most everyone—and it is something that many of us might also do! Our average total eating time per day in the U.S. —including all meals and snacks—is just 74 minutes. If this total amount of time is divided equally between 3 meals and 3 snacks, it means only 12 minutes per eating session, which is hardly enough time to enjoy the pleasures of eating.

There are many reasons why we might spend very little time eating, and eating on the run is definitely on that list. Eating on the run might mean consuming a whole meal while driving in the car. It might mean grabbing a snack at work while trying to avoid interrupting your workflow. It might mean choosing a food because it can be eaten with one hand or because it is easy to carry around in a plastic bag.

Research studies show that eating on the run has many unwanted consequences for our health for a variety of unexpected reasons. We've created this series of articles about eating on the run to provide you with practical and comprehensive information about this topic, one that tell us a lot about the relationship between our eating habits and the health benefits of food. For more on "eating on the run:"

  1. Just how common is "eating on the run?"
  2. Problem 1 with "eating on the run"—getting distracted from the process of eating
  3. Problem 2 with "eating on the run"—eating too quickly for our body systems
  4. References for "Is it okay to "eat on the run?"

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  2. Are grocery lists and organized food plans required for Health Eating?
  3. Does Healthy Eating require three meals each day?
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  5. Does it matter if dinner is the largest meal of the day?
  6. How consistent does my diet have to be in order for me to stay healthy?
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