Which fruits and vegetables contain the most pesticide residues?

There are certain foods that you should try to buy organic as much as possible. These foods are those fruits and vegetables whose conventionally grown ‘alternatives’ have been found to contain high levels of pesticide residues.

Since the Environmental Working Group developed with their “Dirty Dozen” list of high-risk, pesticide containing foods in the mid-1990s, there have been other organizations that have done a similar analysis in more recent years. Among these are non-profit group Mother for Others and the Consumer Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports.

After reviewing the collective research on the pesticides residues found on foods, we have come up with our own updated version of the “Dirty Dozen”, that we call the Terrible Tens, the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables that we feel may pose the most risk to consumers in terms of pesticide residue presence. Therefore, we suggest that if you must prioritize your purchasing of organic produce, you focus on the foods that we consider the Terrible Tens. To learn more about why organic foods are important to your health and the health of the environment, you can refer to our in-depth article on Organics.

The Terrible Tens
Green beans

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