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Is propylene oxide allowed in the processing of organic almonds?

No, fumigation with propylene oxide is not allowed in the processing of almonds if those almonds are going to be sold as certified organic. Pasteurization with moist heat is the most common method used for production of certified organic almonds. However, since this pasteurization step is now required by federal law, it is no longer possible for a large-scale manufacturer in the U.S. to sell certified organic raw almonds if "raw" means not exposed to heat treatment. Those certified organic raw almonds would have to be imported into the United States after having been certified as organic in another country. There are some exceptions to the rules for pasteurization of raw almonds, and an important exception involves direct sales of small amounts at local farmer's markets. So you might see certified organic raw almonds at a local market. Those almonds would usually have been certified as organic by the state in which the market was located. For more information on this topic, please see the Q+A Is it true that raw almonds must now be pasteurized?