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Recipe from a Reader
Fresh Cranberry Sauce

From Jan:

With a food processor, takes about 10 minutes prep time.



Rinse and pick over cranberries, discard soft/spoiled berries. Chop cranberries by hand, or by pulsing in food processor and place in large bowl. Grate rind of 1/2 orange over cranberries. Chop or puree oranges in food processor, pour on top cranberries. Chop dates (cut each in half to check for pits) finely by hand, or in food processor. (Do not puree). Pour over cranberries. Mince apples, by hand or in food processor (do not puree). Add to cranberries. Chop nuts. Add to cranberries. Sprinkle salt over all (salt decreases bitterness and enhances sweetness). Stir well. Refrigerate one hour or more. Serve as a fresh relish.