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Recipe from a Reader
Fresh Cranberry Relish

Sorry I don't have 'exact' measurements, but I think this is how I've done

it in the past.


1 bag fresh cranberries, clean and chop, but don't puree, in food processor. Dump into large bowl and set aside. 1 cup dates, pit and chop fine in food processor. Add to cranberries. 2 fresh apples, core and chop in food processor (don't puree) and add to cranberry bowl. 2 peeled fresh oranges, chop fine and add to cranberries. 1/2 tsp salt (a small amount of salt decreases 'bitter' and increases 'sweet' flavor in foods.) 1 cup nuts (walnuts or pecans are best, but you pick your favorite nut. Chop in food processor, not too fine.


Stir ALL ingredients together. Sweeten with more dates, sugar or lo-cal sweetener of choice, if needed, until sweetened to your preference. Serve up fresh. Also great on turkey sandwiches. Keeps well in refrigerator.