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Recipe from a Reader
What to do with bananas

From Sharon:

This is not a recipe, but some might enjoy the suggestion to use bananas.


Sometimes bananas can be purchased very cheaply! When that occurs in my grocery store I buy lots of them.


Bananas can be peeled and wrapped snugly in plastic wrap, or foil and frozen. This makes a wonderful snack in the summer time, almost as good as an ice cream treat. Children will enjoy eating them just as they are, cold and delicious. Serve the banana with the foil or plastic on it and just turn down the wrap a little at a time, making sure to hold something, a piece of cloth, so that the hands do not get so cold. The frozen banana can be used with milk to make a milk shake, and because it is frozen does not need any ice in the drink. Add a little sugar and vanilla and you have a delicious milk shake. If you are not worried about calories, use half and half (milk and cream) for your milk shake, and the frozen banana cut up into pieces to make it easier for the blender to make the milkshake.