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Recipe from a Reader
Whole wheat, oat bran and soy flour tortillas

From Connie:
There are tortillas now on the market that are made from whole wheat,
oat bran, and soy flour. They are low-fat, low-carb, and good! (The ones I
buy are made by La Tortilla Factory in California.)

Whole wheat, oat bran and soy flour tortillas
Shredded chicken breast
Fresh organic salsa
Black beans
Ranchero sauce
Diced chilis

I make a delicious BURRITO by warming one of these and filling it with warm
shredded chicken breast and well-drained fresh organic salsa. So easy, and,
even more important, so YUMMY!

I also make ENCHILADAS using the same basic recipe and adding some black beans, cilantro......really, anything goes! I top them with a ranchero sauce with diced chiles and bake them.

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