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Recipe from a Reader
Sweet-Hot Teriyaki Peppers


The above measurements are a moderate guideline - part of the fun to this dish is to throw it together to suit your taste.


  1. Cut the peppers however you'd like to be eating them later.
  2. Heat the wok oil in a skillet (or wok), over med-high heat. The object is to take the oil to just below its 'smoke point'.
  3. Drop your peppers in the skillet. Toss them around in the oil, then add Mongolian Fire Oil. Toss (or stir). Sprinkle with Worcestershire. Add pineapple juice and let simmer for about 20 seconds, then toss. Douse with Honey Mirin, toss, finish with the thicker Honey Teriyaki. Stir or toss until the bubbling of the sauce has become almost inaudible.
  4. Serve alone or with rice or noodles. Feel free to add chicken pieces along with the peppers, or apply the sauce algorithm to any stir fry. Test your Thai Pepper before using; make an inspired guess at how much to use. If you have a fresh pineapple available, substitute for the pineapple juice by cutting a fist-sized wedge and squeezing the juice out of it by hand directly into the pan, for character.
  5. Enjoy!