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Recipe from a Reader
Simple, fast, yummy cabbage saute

From Jozie:

Here's one of our favorite cabbage dishes.


  1. Right before cooking, shred cabbage. Use 1/2 a large cabbage or a whole small one. Wash quickly and shake dry. It is okay if a little water clings to the shreds.
  2. thinly slice a regular or sweet onion.
  3. thinly slice a red bell pepper.
  4. thinly slice some mushrooms, crimini (small brown) if available. Use white button if that's all you can get. Delicate wild mushrooms like chanterelles are wasted on this dish--you need a sturdy mushroom.
We usually cook about 6 cups raw veggies altogether. (This wilts down somewhat. We usually eat this entire amount as a meal with brown rice. But it could work as a side dish in smaller portions.)


Heat a skillet. Put in seasonings--our favorites here are yellow mustard seed, whole cumin seed, and hot red pepper flakes. For 6 cups of veggies, use about 1/2 t. each seasoning, or more to taste. Cook seeds and pepper flakes in hot skillet about 30 seconds, till the first mustard seed pops or jumps. Add 1 teaspoon olive oil, whirl around the skillet, then put in the veggies. Stir, shake, and flip until the oil is distributed over everything and the veggies are crisp-tender. This will take about 5 minutes if you have a 12" skillet on a hot burner. Serve over brown rice. Add soy sauce or salt and pepper to taste if you wish. This makes a delicious main dish meal--one of our favorites. And if you have leftover veggies, heat briefly in chicken or vegetable broth the next day for a simple soup, or add to a more complex soup at the end of cooking.