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Recipe from a Reader
Tomato-Veggie Soup

From LS:

I wanted to share with everyone a tomato-veggie soup that I made last night, for the first time. It was so easy and so fun to make because I added to it whatever I had available.


I started off with the following: 1 quart of tomato juice 1 quart of water (or you can replace it with vegetable broth if you wish) 2 cans of diced tomatoes (or 2 cups of freshly diced tomatoes) spices - garlic, onions, celery (what ever you have available)


In a big pot, I sauteed the garlic, onions, tomatoes and celery with olive oil, until a bit tender. Add the tomato juice and 1 quart of water. Add 1 bay leaf or whatever seasonings you may want (I sprinkled a little bit of oregano and basil). Let it come to a slow boil and keep it there for a few minutes so it can take on the flavors of the seasonings. As the soup was coming to a boil, I looked through my pantry and refrigerator for whatever vegetables I had available: 1 can of corn 1 can of black beans (rinsed, drained) 1 can of green beans 2 cups of carrots diced about 2 lbs of chopped cabbage On a separate pot, I cooked about 1/2 bag of elbow macaroni. Cook them until almost done. After the soup has been boiling slowly for a while, Add the carrots and cabbage first. About 10 minutes later add in the rest of the veggies and the pasta. Let it finish cooking for about 3-5 minutes. And Voila! Itís done! You now have a big pot of soup with veggies. Itís very affordable to make and it can feed lots of people!