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Recipe from a Reader

From MDI:

A traditional Catalonian dish.



  1. Preheat oven to "high". Wash pepper and eggplant. Cut eggplant's stem but don't peel it. Cut lenghtwise in four thick slices. Peel onion and cut in four slices too. Put whole pepper, eggplant and onion slices in an oven pan. Cover with foil and leave in the oven for 30 minutes.
  2. After that, take the pan out, turn around the vegetables, add the tomato in halves and take the pan back into the oven, uncovered, for another 15 minutes.
  3. When ready, transfer the vegetables to a serving dish and peel the pepper. Sprinkle with the finelly chopped garlic, a pinch of tyme, olive oil and salt to taste. It should be eaten lukewarm.