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Stir Fried Seafood with Asparagus

This dish is so easy to prepare, yet the combination of flavors together is complex and delicious. It is a healthier way to serve stir-fry with our Healthy Stir-Fry method, using no heated oils. It has many nutritious ingredients and is good enough to serve to company. They would never guess it took only 25 minutes to prepare.

Stir Fried Seafood with Asparagus Prep and Cook Time: 25 minutes

1 medium onion cut in half and sliced medium thick
1 TBS chicken or vegetable broth
1 TBS minced fresh ginger
3 medium cloves garlic, chopped
2 cups fresh sliced shiitake mushrooms
1 bunch thin asparagus cut in 2" lengths (discard bottom fourth)
cup fresh lemon juice
2 TBS soy sauce
2 TBS mirin wine
pinch red pepper flakes
3/4 lb snapper fillet cut into 1 inch pieces
8 large scallops
8 large shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 cup cherry tomatoes cut in quarters
cup chopped fresh cilantro
salt and white pepper to taste

  1. Heat 1 TBS broth in a stainless steel wok or 12 inch skillet. Healthy Stir Fry onion in broth over medium high heat for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add ginger, garlic, mushrooms and asparagus. Continue to stir fry for another 3 minutes, stirring constantly.
  2. Add lemon juice, soy sauce, mirin, red pepper flakes, snapper, scallops, shrimp and stir to mix well. Cover and simmer for just about 5 minutes stirring occasionally on medium heat.
  3. Toss in tomatoes, cilantro, salt and pepper. Serve.

    Serves 4

    Serving Suggestions:
    Serve with

    • Brown Rice
Healthy Cooking Tips: Make sure all of your ingredients are ready before beginning to stir-fry. Once you begin to cook it goes fast, and the key to the success of this recipe is not over cooking the ingredients. Use a thick cut snapper filet that is about 1 inch thick. This will keep it from falling apart. Large shrimp usually come 26-30 per pound. By using this size shrimp with large scallops and thick cut snapper they all cook in about the same amount of time. This dish is meant to be served with ingredients briefly cooked. If you can not find thin asparagus increase the cooking time before adding the fish. This way the asparagus can cook without overcooking the rest of the ingredients. Another minute or two should be enough.
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