Banana Colada

This cooling summer drink is a great way to use up ripened bananas. Just slice the bananas and put them in a plastic freezer bag and they will be there when you need them. Enjoy!

Prep and Cook Time: Prep Time: 15 minutes; Freezing Time: 8 hours



  1. Add lime juice and some of the coconut milk to a blender. If the bananas are frozen together pull them apart before adding them quickly one at a time through the feed tube.
  2. Stop the blender and scrape the ingredients down. Add more coconut milk and scrape down the mixture as needed to keep the mixture moving through the blender.
  3. Add grated coconut and run the blender, stopping it as soon as the bananas are blended. If blending goes on too long the mixture will get warm and runny rather than cool and creamy.
Serves 2
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