Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Romantic, Healthy Menu

My desire to eat healthy and take care of my body is usually something I can do without too much trouble, except for when a special occasion arises such as Valentine’s Day. How can I celebrate with feasting and still maintain a healthy approach without feeling deprived of the pleasures of such a holiday?

Holidays seem to be the most challenging for many people when it comes to making healthy choices in their food. That is why we offer holiday menus such as this to support your health while still enjoying times of special feasting. This particular menu offers many nutrients that support a fun filled evening. It is not heavy, the flavor of fresh herbs, and the zinc rich oysters has a flair of sensuality, without compromising your health. And as we all know, Valentine's Day seems incomplete without chocolate. So I have included a healthier than usual way to enjoy one of everyone's favorite desserts, chocolate mousse. This meal is easy to prepare, and not time consuming. You may want to take a few minutes to prepare the chocolate mousse the day before. It will keep very well until the next day. It actually gives it time to firm up well. You can also make the broth for the soup the day before. If you are using fresh clams, simply make the broth and steam the clams and oysters in the soup right before serving. If you are not using fresh clams, make the soup entirely and just reheat it at dinnertime. The rest of the menu only takes a very short amount of time to prepare. This menu will make you feel energized after eating it, instead of the heavy feeling that so many holiday menus leave you with. You can find all the recipes for this celebration meal in our Good Tasting Healthy Recipes.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Romantic, Healthy Menu

Oyster and Clam Chowder
Tomato Dandelion Salad
Braised Fennel Salmon
Healthy Chocolate Mousse

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