Cooking Healthy with Apricots

May is the beginning of the peak season for one of "The World's Healthiest Foods," apricots. It runs until August in most areas. When they are in season, it is usually in great abundance. They are the perfect fruit to dry and have on hand all year round. In fact, their intense flavor when dried is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. They are so high in vitamin A that you can feel good about having a sweet tasting treat while knowing that you are helping to improve your eyesight. That sure helps to take away the guilt of eating sweets. I like having them dried in my refrigerator to have just one or two after a meal when they are not available fresh.

For the spring and summer months fresh apricots are delicious tasting mixed with other fruits in season for a fresh fruit salad. Or they are very good cooked slowly for about 30 minutes with a little ginger, adding a small amount of honey at the end of cooking. Top your cereal, pancakes of even frozen yogurt for a variety of ways to enjoy the bountiful season. A couple of my favorite recipes that we have created for you are 10 Minute Fruit & Cheese Salad for the warm summer months. We use fresh apricots for this recipe. It is perfect at the height of their season.

For the colder months our Apricot Tart is a delicious way to enjoy dried apricots. It is a great dessert recipe for the fall and winter months. It will keep for 2-3 days, so it is a nice tart to make and have around. A little bit goes a long way with this tart, so make your slices small. Another good tasting dessert topping in the colder season is our Apricot Compote using dried apricots.

I hope this gives you some interesting ways to enjoy this wonderful fruit that is so benefiting to our health. Read about this super food in our nutritional profile for more in depth information.

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