Cooking Healthy with Garden Peas

"The World's Healthiest Foods" green peas are one of the first vegetables to come into season in our gardens. If you are lucky enough to have access to this delicious treat in its freshest form you will agree there is nothing quite like the crisp sweetness of peas after a long winter. When they are fresh you need not even cook them. They are terrific added to fresh salads straight from the pod. Even if they come to you from the supermarket shelf instead of your own garden they are the perfect food to eat to help rid you of the sluggishness from winter and set you off on an energetic path of play in the warmer months ahead. Peas are full of nutrients that are particularly beneficial to women with its calcium and iron building properties. For in depth information on the numerous benefits of peas, please read all about them in our nutritional profile on green peas. I am amazed at all this unassuming vegetable has to offer.

Because our recipes are designed to be quick and easy I have used frozen peas in the Lemon Fish with Sweet Peas.

If you have the extra time it is worth shucking fresh peas while they are at their peak of season. Otherwise, frozen is a very good substitute as they are also picked for freezing at their peak. This recipe is interesting as it is served with the peas pureed. In fact, since I discovered this way of serving green garden peas I serve it often pureed with many dishes. This recipe may inspire you to serve this tasty vegetable with other fish or chicken meals in place of potato or rice. It is much more nutritious, and I find it a satisfying alternative when pureed. For instructions on pureeing, click on our video within the recipe. This should all be very helpful in supporting you to learn about and enjoy this supercharged food, Green Peas.

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