The World's Healthiest Foods

Cooking Healthy with Strawberries

April is the month we start seeing signs of the world's most popular berry fruit, strawberries. The season is at its peak from spring until mid summer. It's hard to believe that something so delectable as a strawberry has anti-cancer properties. One of "The World's Healthiest Foods", strawberry, is proof that medicine and food that is good for you can also be delicious. If you are fortunate enough to live somewhere that wild strawberries grow, you will notice that the flavor is much more intense than domestic strawberries. However, organic strawberries are very flavorful. The commercial variety doesn't compare to organic in flavor, or healthy benefits. I would recommend eating only organic when it comes to this wonderful berry of delight.

I try to make my strawberry recipes very simple, as their flavor is hard to improve upon. One easy way to enjoy strawberries is to blend them into a smoothie. Following is a combination of flavors that I find to be quite good with strawberries. Simply blend these ingredients together until smooth for a sustaining fruit pick me up.

4 large strawberries

cup low fat plain yogurt

1 cup fresh orange juice

1 TBS tahini

1 medium size banana

tsp vanilla

1 TBS honey

We also have a great simple recipe for chocolate lovers. Berries & Chocolate with Vanilla Yogurtis incredibly easy to prepare. If you don't eat chocolate you may want to create other simple, healthy dipping sauces for your strawberries. Our upcoming cookbook has a very tasty Toasted Cashew Dipping Sauce that is an excellent complement to strawberries.

Follow this link to read about all the nutritional benefits of strawberries. After reading all about the many healthy benefits of strawberries they may taste even better to you, if that's possible.