Cooking Healthy with Sunflower Seeds

People usually think of eating sunflower seeds just as a snack by the hand full. This is indeed a wonderful way to enjoy sunflower seeds. However, I have found that cooking with these seeds and adding them to my recipes has not only given me an opportunity to receive the valuable health benefits more often, but they add an interesting dimension to dishes.

At first I started by just adding them whole to salads and cereals. The nutty flavor and added texture was good. As I tried creating recipes that would be nice to have a creamy texture without cream, I started to experiment by grinding these seeds to a fine powder and blending a moderate amount with the rest of the ingredients I was composing. To my surprise I discovered yet another way to incorporate this highly nutritious and nutty flavored seed into my diet. As a result of this discovery, I grind about a month's supply of sunflower seeds at a time and keep them in my freezer. It's important to grind them fine so they blend in well with your other ingredients. When I want to add that extra boost to my oatmeal I just add a TBS or so and cook it right in the oats. Or when I want to make a non-dairy creamy dressing for my salad I add a small amount of my finely ground sunflower seeds to my blended dressing. By having the sunflower seeds already ground in the freezer it makes a very quick and easy way of having this option.

Because we have created quick and easy recipes for you that do not take much time, I have you simply adding whole sunflower seeds and blending well to grind. But if you have the time this method of grinding and having on hand in the freezer will make it possible to easily add to recipes whether they be ours, or ones you have created yourself.

Another way of adding this beneficial food to my diet is to use it in place of flour when I want to dust a piece of meat or fish. It makes a nice healthy substitute. Following are a few recipes that integrate these methods in the recipe. They might inspire you to create even more uses for this good tasting food. Visit our Good Tasting Healthy Recipes. You may also find it very interesting to read about all the healthy benefits of sunflower seeds so you can truly appreciate what you are receiving from this food.

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