Dinner Shortcuts with the World's Healthiest Foods

Wondering how to stick with the World's Healthiest Foods when you can't enjoy the Braised Salmon with Leeks or Indian Style Lamb with Sweet Potatoes?

Here are some dinner shortcut ideas that may help spark your creativity at dinner:

- the parchment paper trick

You'll usually find this time-saving device in the napkin section of your grocery. It's a special kind of paper that can go straight in your oven, and many World's Healthiest Food combinations will work scrumptiously inside. Diced potatoes, chopped onions, and some sprigs of rosemary are one tasty blend. Fresh fish also cooks extremely well in parchment. You can also add some of the World’s Healthiest vegetables right in next to the fish - for example, already peeled organic baby carrots - and then just crunch the parchment paper together to seal the top and bake as you normally would. The parchment seals in the flavor better than most baking dishes - once your food is ready, just be careful when opening the parchment paper back up (due to the steam that can be released).

- the bigger batch-leftover approach

Cooking for 2? Cook for 4 instead. Cooking for 4? Cook for 6. As long as you're getting out the pots and pans, and cutting and chopping, why not prepare some additional meals at the same time, to have for dinner the next night? It's minimal extra work in exchange for a ready-made World's Healthiest Food meal.

- breakfast foods for dinner

Why not? So many high-quality, organic cereals and granolas are available at most natural foods groceries, high in both protein and fiber, and containing many of the World's Healthiest Foods nuts, seeds, and grains. These ready-to-eat choices can keep you in sync with the World's Healthiest Foods at a time when you might otherwise find it hard not to abandon them altogether.

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