Feeding your child the World's Healthiest Foods

As you begin to introduce solid foods to your child, you begin to shape eating habits that will be with your child throughout his/her life. Why not start by using the World's Healthiest Foods as the foundation of your child's diet (and yours as well!).

In the aisles of any supermarket you can find a wide range of baby food choices. Unfortunately, most brands of baby food contain sugar, salt, and artificial colors, and preservatives. But, what many parents don't know is that many healthy foods can be made at home with little effort and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing baby food at the store. In fact, for the first year of life your child, in addition to breast milk, will need only fruits, vegetables, and a small number of grains.

By limiting the number of foods you introduce before your child turns 1, you will reduce the chance that he/she will develop any allergies later in life. At six months, slowly introduce, one food at a time, any of the following fruits and vegetables: bananas, pears, applesauce, avocado, cooked yams, and cooked carrots. At nine months, your child may be ready for a little more variety. Add cooked peas, mashed potato, string beans, and peaches. Also, you can now introduce oatmeal and rice. At 12 months, your child may want yogurt, and some infants love tofu.

Most importantly, be patient and focus on providing healthy, fresh, and nutrient-dense foods. Your child will thank you for it as he/she grows up!

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