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Healthy Eating for Infants

Most doctors, nutritionists, and mothers agree that breast milk is the only food needed by infants, at least until the child reaches 6 months of age. The controversy about how and what to feed kids really begins when kids are ready to eat solid foods

Some experts say solid foods should be introduced at three months, some say six months, while more conservative experts say parents should wait until 9 months.

It is important for parents to remember that with each passing month, the digestive tract of their child becomes mature, and becomes better prepared to appropriately digest solid foods. It is also important to keep in mind that a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that introducing foods too early can cause allergic reactions, resulting in a variety of chronic conditions including skin conditions, sinus problems, and asthma.

As your infant approaches his/her six month birthday, it is time to think about introducing solid foods. If he/she can sit up by him/herself and can push objects away from him/herself, your child may be ready to eat something besides breast milk or formula. And, of course, if your child has weaned him/herself from the bottle, you are definitely ready to introduce solid foods. But, the type of foods to introduce may surprise you. More on that in a few minutes.