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How to Cook Healthy Sauces

Q. How can I make rich, flavorful sauces-without using fat, cream, or butter?

A. It's surprisingly easy to make rich creamy sauces without using fat, butter or cream. Here are two of my favorite cream sauce bases:

Q. What about other types of sauces that are not creamy?

A. I am particularly fond of salsas, pestos, mushroom sauces, and lighter sauces that are reduced. Following are a few easy, yet delicious examples.

Q. What is a healthy way of thickening a sauce?

A. If you want to thicken a sauce without adding flour, a good alternative is to mix a little arrowroot with water. Add to your sauce at the end and continue to cook for just about 3-4 more minutes, giving it time to thicken. Add a little at a time, so as not to make it thicker than you want.

However, with the cream sauces I have recommended above, the silken tofu, white beans and potatoes will all thicken your sauce nicely, so you won't need additional thickening.

Between our recipes for the World's Healthiest Foods website and our Essential Guide cookbook, we have a multitude of healthy sauces of all kinds for you to try. For a listing of our many website recipes with fat-free, delectable sauces, click Recipes.