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How to Cook Healthy and Enhance the Flavor of Chicken

How can I make flavorful chicken and reduce its fat content?

Healthy Quick Broil

One way to make chicken flavorful while reducing the fat content is to Quick Broil a chicken breast with the skin still on, so some of the juice runs through the chicken breast keeping it moist. The skin also protects it from drying out from the direct heat. Once the chicken breast has been cooked remove the skin before eating.

It has been found that by not eating the skin, but cooking the breast with the skin still on, very little fat remains in the meat from the skin. It is eating the skin that increases the intake of fat. For a helpful animation showing exactly how to use our Quick Broil cooking method for chicken, click Quick-broil Chicken.

For a recipe using this method for preparing flavorful, low-fat chicken, try our Fresh Herbed Chicken Breasts. Adding fresh herbs to simply cooked chicken always adds lots of flavor. After removing the skin, I finish my quick-broiled chicken breasts by drizzling with chicken broth, lemon juice and fresh herbs.

Healthy Marinate and Bake

If you have time, you can marinate your skinless chicken breasts in fresh lemon juice with a little salt and pepper for 24 hours, then bake them covered in the oven. They will be moist and flavorful with no excess fat.

Healthy Stovetop Braising

Another method of cooking flavorful chicken, while reducing its fat content, is braising the meat with broth and vegetables. This should be done with chicken thighs instead of breasts. Thighs have more natural juices and flavor than breasts, and they become very tender when cooked this way.

For this method, you want to remove the skin before braising. Chicken thighs are often sold with the bone removed, but look for those with the bone still in as it actually adds flavor to the braising liquid.

The vegetables add flavor not only to the broth, but also to the chicken when cooked slowly together. My recipe Braised Rosemary Chicken and Vegetables is a delicious example of this method.