School Lunchbox Ideas

Many parents say that one of the biggest challenges of parenthood is getting their kids to eat enough of the right kinds of foods. Not surprising when we live in a country in which millions of dollars are spent each year on food advertising, targeted directly at kids, that glamorizes junk food, breakfast cereals, fast food, candy, soda and so-called "fruit" drinks, most of which is loaded with refined sugar, fat, and/or artifical colors, flavors and preservatives. Is it any wonder that we don't hear kids in the aisles of the supermarket begging their parents to buy apples and carrots?

Well, the struggle to build a nutritious foundation for your kids' health doesn't have to be a losing battle.

Here are a few suggestions to help you and your kids form healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

When children start school, they begin to eat more and more meals away from home. Also, their food choices and habits are increasingly influenced by their friends. As a result, the foods you put in your child's lunchbox will impact not only your child's health, but may also encourage his/her friends to eat better. Here are a couple of "yummy" additions to any lunchbox:


For more information on nutrition for kids, please see our article on School Age Children in the Special Needs section of our website.

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