Snack Shortcuts with the World's Healthiest Foods

Although many of us think of "snacks" as involving a different kind of food than "meals," there's no reason the World's Healthiest Foods cannot be both your meal foods and your snack foods!

One of the World's Healthiest Desserts - our Blackberry Tart - will fully satisfy your sweet tooth. But it will also provide you with omega-3 fatty acids, a dozen vitamins, and a dozen minerals. Our Chinese Cabbage Salad, can be a World's Healthiest snack just as easily as it can be part of a World's Healthiest meal. The World's Healthiest Foods serve you best at all eating times - snacks and meals alike.

As you obtain a greater and greater percentage of your total calories from the World's Healthiest Foods, you move closer and closer to optimal nourishment and vibrant health.

Here are a few simple-to-prepare snacks that make great use of the World's Healthiest Foods:

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