Snack Shortcuts with the World's Healthiest Foods

Here are some simple-to-prepare snack shortcuts that make exclusive use of the World's Healthiest Foods:
  • hummus roll-up. Most any type of flat bread, including a whole wheat chapati or a whole wheat pita pocket, can be filled with three or four tablespoons of hummus (garbanzo bean spread, usually made with olive oil and garlic) to make a quick "finger food" snack from the World's Healthiest Foods. If you want to get fancy, add 5 or 6 pimentos and some fresh sprouts!
  • World's Healthiest Foods blenderized shake. Put into your blender: one cup of low-fat organic soy milk, one heaping tablespoon of almond butter, and two teaspoons of grade B maple syrup (grade B is less refined and retains more naturally-occurring nutrients) and blend for 30 seconds. The result: a tasty protein and fiber-containing shake make from the World's Healthiest Foods.
  • cinnamon toast. You may want to keep a salt shaker-type container filled with a mixture of granular evaporated cane juice and freshly ground cinnamon - using approximately one teaspoon of cinnamon to every three tablespoons of cane juice crystals, depending on your taste. Simply sprinkle this mixture on top of a still warm slice of toasted, organic whole wheat bread for a tasty World's Healthiest Foods treat.
  • fresh ripe fruits, preferably organic, including orange segments, juicy apples and slices of bananas.
  • nuts like walnuts, almonds and cashews.
  • cheese, yogurt, carrots and celery are also good for you.

    If your meals have been too few and far between during the day, or on the low side when it comes to protein, make sure you focus on snacks that are protein-containing (like the hummus roll-up and blenderized shake). They will not only allow you to stick with the World's Healthiest Foods, but will also have good "holding power" to tide you over to your next meal.

    © 2002 The George Mateljan Foundation