Romantic Healthy Desserts

Q. How can I enjoy desserts if I am trying to not indulge in a lot of sweets?

A. I shared in our Tuesday's topic for Valentine's Day the possibility of enjoying the pleasures of food in addition to fulfilling our nutrient needs for a healthy body. If you tried our chocolate mousse for Valentine's Day Iím sure it convinced you that it is indeed possible to enjoy desserts without compromising your health. If you havenít tried it, itís certainly not too late. Doesn't Valentine's Day last a whole week?

Q. What if I can't eat chocolate without having a reaction?

A. I have other dessert recipes that may be more to your liking. For instance our fruit tarts with the date, nut crust.

These desserts have very little sugar in the filling. In fact they can be made with no sugar at all and still be very delicious. I have discovered a wonderful way to make a no bake crust that is just ground dates and walnuts. It is a healthy way of having a dessert crust that is also giving you the beneficial omega 3. Because of the natural sweetness of the dates and fruit you can eliminate any other sweetening if you choose. These particular tarts mentioned are especially appropriate for the winter season. They are all very quick, and easy to prepare. It is necessary to have a food processor to grind the dates and walnuts fine enough to press into a tart or pie pan. I use a tart pan because the ring comes off and I can cut it into pieces without disturbing the shape of the crust. Feel free to create your own fillings for this healthy dessert crust. Just make sure that whatever you choose to fill it with is not very runny, as it will make the crust soggy. However, fruits such as fresh apricots, peaches, pears, raspberries, and blueberries when in season would all make a wonderful filling for this crust. Simply follow the recipes given, replacing the fruit with your seasonal choice.

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