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What Foods are best to eat in the summer?

In most areas of the world the weather is warm to hot in the summer. Just as you would not wear the same clothing in the summer as in winter, you do not eat the same foods. It is actually for the same reason. There are foods that warm your body to help you stay warm in the winter, and there are foods that are cooling to help your body cool down when the weather is hot.

Nature has a profound wisdom in naturally producing foods in each season that have this effect. Eating seasonally is a way to stay in balance with your environment.

Many of these foods that come into season in the summer are also good eaten raw. Just as foods have a more warming effect when they are cooked for a long period of time, they have a cooling effect when they are eaten raw or briefly cooked.

Notice that many fruits, berries, salad greens, asparagus, cucumbers, peas, green beans, summer squash, corn, tomatoes, etc., all come into season in the warmer months. These foods lend themselves very well to being eaten raw on their own or added to salads, or briefly cooked, and they have a cooling effect energetically on your body.

You will notice that in our recipe file we have taken this into consideration. We have also taken into consideration that when the weather is hot, you don't want to preparing meals to heat up your kitchen for hours. So, we have created recipes that are quick and use cooking methods that minimize the heat produced in your kitchen. Following are just a sampling of our many refreshing warm weather recipes for you to enjoy.

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