Healthy Quick Broil Cooking Method

Healthy cooking methods are just as important as the food we eat. With the focus on creating quick and easy recipes for the warm weather months I have found that the Quick Broil method is one that I am using a lot to prepare these recipes.

How To Quick Broil

To quick broil, you first want to preheat the broiler on high for most recipes. This heats up very quickly so you don't have to have the broiler on for very long. I place a shallow metal pan under the heat of the broiler. For fish I put the rack usually right beneath the heat. For chicken I put the rack down closer to the middle of the oven so it doesn’t burn the top before cooking all the way through. And I usually turn the broiler down to low for chicken after it has preheated. It is important that the pan is metal, preferably stainless steel. Let the pan get very hot under the heat. The time of preheating the broiler and pan can easily be used to prepare your ingredients. Many of our summer recipes are simple enough to complete this in the time the pan gets hot. Once the pan is very hot place your seasoned meat or fish on the hot pan. You do not need any oil in the pan for this cooking method. Because it is so hot it immediately seals the meat on the bottom to retain the juices and keeps the meat from sticking. Return the pan with the meat or fish to the broiler. The meat or fish is now cooking rapidly from both sides. So it does not need to be turned, and it is done very quickly. For fish, the cooking time can be as quick as 1-2 minutes, depending on the thickness. For chicken I have found by leaving the skin on the breast it helps to keep it nice and juicy, and can be cooked as quickly as 15 minutes. Simply remove the skin before eating. I have found this to be a very quick and healthy way of cooking meat and fish.

Following are some great recipes that use this cooking method.

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